The TU updated their story this week noting that RPI (former) Provost Palazzo, UAlbany Provost Phillips, Morgan State University President Wilson and SUNYIT/Morrisville President Yeigh were all out. The Albany Student Press also had a blog post comparing the search to “The Apprentice” without much new information. An email was just sent out today on behalf of University Senate Chair Professor Fessler and written by search committee staffer Dr. Chesin basically stating that the search committee met after the TU article was published with the names of the candidates. (The jist of the email can be found posted on the search committee site.) Basically, the co-chair Ms. Caldwell was (understandably) disappointed in the leak, and the committee agreed to accelerate the pace of the search. Which I think is awesome. Sooner rather than later!


I will say I’m a little worried that Palazza and Phillips are out. I had thought they would not have removed their names and we’d be sure to have a new President. With them out, and two others out, I’m frankly scared the rest could drop out. I’ll also note that my three top choices (Montemagno, Ballard, Hardcastle) are still there, so that makes me hopeful. Let’s just hope they don’t drop out and we have to start all over again!

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